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What is Digital Print?

Digital Print is a genreic term covering various different print processes. The two main processes are Digital Transfer and DTG.

DTG is short  for "Direct to Garment" Our Epson Surecolor F2000 presses print directly onto the garment using Piezo Inkjet technology. This does away with the need for silk screens or transfers. The process give a slightly softer feel than traditional print processes and being water based much more environmentally friendly. However, It's not suitable for all garments and designs. It doesn't work well on Poly/Cotton garments or fabrics with a knitted construction such as Polo Shirts or Sweatshirts. Where it excels is printing tonal shades or gradients onto 100% cotton gaments with a smooth tight weave.

Digital Transfer has been around for decades. In the early days it was generally termed "Iron On" and wasn't very durable. Thankfully these days technolgy has moved on and improved the process beyond compare. Nowadays, this is by far the most versitile and cost effective way to decorate a garment. Not only has the durability improved but the quality and feel of the print rivals and even exceeds in most cases that of Screen Print.. This process is great for text and bold designs or logos and can be applied to all types of fabric.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not actually possible to just "Iron On" these transfers. They need to be applied by a special heat press as the temperature and pressure and time need to be regulated precicely to give a durable long lasting print. Something an Iron just can't do!

Please be aware that large areas of print/ink will always give a harder feel compared to a blank shirt regardless of the process used, be it DTG, Transfer or Screen Print. 

* Please Note: We reserve the right to utilise the best suited print processes when decorating your garment. We'll make the choice upon seeing the design and garment ordered.